Director, Infrastructure and Security Engineer – 20900

December 21, 2023
Hudson County, NJ
Job Type
$150K - $170K + 30% Bonus & Equity
Jarvis Walker Recruiter
David Ruiz


Our client is seeking a dynamic and experienced Director, Infrastructure and Security Engineer to join the team. This role will oversee technological operations, ensuring the highest standards in network architecture, software development, and security compliance. The ideal candidate will bring a strategic vision to the department, aligning technology initiatives with business goals, and ensuring the security and efficiency of their systems.

• Network Architecture Management: Oversee the intricacies of the company's network, ensuring robustness and efficiency. Manage, deploy, and oversight of Azure cloud environments and security configuration.
• Software Development Oversight: Understand the software development process, ensuring products are developed efficiently and effectively.
• Security and Compliance Adherence: Ensure adherence to SOC and HIPAA regulations, maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and security.
• Regular System Checks: Conduct regular checks to ensure the network is running optimally and securely, identifying and addressing any vulnerabilities.
• Penetration Testing Coordination: Collaborate with the development team on penetration testing remediations, strengthening software security.
• Collaborating with Third-Party IT Management: Coordinate with the managed third-party IT team, ensuring they meet company standards and contribute effectively to the overall IT strategy.
• Management of Security Applications:
 Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Oversee DLP systems to protect sensitive information from being lost, misused, or accessed by unauthorized users.
 Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): Manage SIEM solutions for real-time analysis of security alerts generated by applications and network hardware.
 Azure (Windows and Linux).
 Penetration Testing Application.
• Ensuring Compliance/Security Integrations: Guarantee that all connectivity aligns with various compliance and security integrations, upholding strict security protocols.
• Reporting to Chief Compliance Officer: Regularly report updates, findings, and general reports related to technology security to the Chief Compliance Officer.
• Strategic Planning and Vision: Develop and implement strategic plans for the technology department, aligning with the overall business objectives of the company.


Key Attributes

• Deep Understanding of Network Architecture: Adept in understanding and managing complex network systems, crucial for maintaining seamless operations and security.
• Deep understanding of Azure Cloud environments and configuration.
• Experience/understanding of Web Application Firewalls.
• Experience deploying Windows and Linux servers in Azure.
• Knowledge of Software Development Lifecycle: Knowledge of how software is developed, tested, and deployed. Must effectively collaborate with the software development team.
• Strong Focus on Security and Compliance: Well-versed in cybersecurity practices, particularly in SOC (Service Organization Control) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance, to safeguard sensitive healthcare data.
• Proactive System Monitoring: Regular checks of the network for performance and security, identifying potential vulnerabilities before they become issues.
• Penetration Testing and Remediation Coordination: Ability to coordinate with the development team to address vulnerabilities found during penetration testing, improving the security posture of your products.
• Effective Communication and Reporting Skills: Ability to clearly communicate updates, findings, and reports to the Chief Compliance Officer and other stakeholders.
• Strategic Leadership and Vision: Beyond technical expertise, bring strategic thinking to guide the technology direction of the company, aligning with business goals and scaling the technology as the company grows.
• Day-to-Day IT Needs: Be able to assist with ad hoc technology questions and issues from our employees, including assistance with questions regarding inability to access data as a result of security integrations, general IT issues, and requests from management for projects relating to the building of new programs.



• Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field.
• 5-8 years of experience in a technology leadership role, preferably in the healthcare sector.
• Proven expertise in network architecture, server maintenance, and IT security.
• Deep understanding of Azure cloud environments (Windows and Linux).
• Strong knowledge of SOC and HIPAA compliance requirements.
• Expertise in management and knowledge of Azure cloud environments.
• Experience with DLP, SIEM, and other security tools.
• Exceptional leadership and communication skills.
• Strategic thinker with the ability to translate complex concepts to actionable plans.

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